Finnian and the Seven Mountains Volume I: Issues 1-4

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Seeking to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of Viking marauders, a young man named Finnian leaves his monastic school in Ireland to find a legendary sword rumored to have the extraordinary power to defeat evil.

Join writer Philip Kosloski, and artists Michael LaVoy, Jay David Ramos (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN) and Jim Fern (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN ANNUAL, and CROSSING MIDNIGHT) on an epic journey that begins on the mysterious island of Skellig Michael, where the sword was last seen.

Will Finnian find the mythical sword and lead the way to victory? Or will the Vikings continue to destroy innocent villagers?

Find out what happens in this epic adventure series!

*Note: This is a single volume paperback edition containing issues 1-4 of the Finnian Series.

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Rating: 10+ (contains some mild comic violence) 

Pages: 92 pages

Format: Single Volume Paperback

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Ready for more!

Our son really enjoyed reading this and is ready for the next issue!


Finnian and the Seven Mountains Volume I: Issues 1-4


I gave these away to great-grandkids.

Finnian and the Seven Mountains Volume I: 1-4

A great start to what could be a long running series!!! I am glad that I bought the first four volumes together because it is a quick read and being able to read the story all at once made it all the more satisfying. The story is definitely still within its rising action but that makes me even more curious for what the climax might be. The mystery behind the sword, major characters, and the antagonists continues to intrigue me. From what I have read thus far I have realized that this is a story where anything can happen and it will if that is what needs to happen to stop our heroes from completing their quest. The real life legends and historical fiction, combined with the fantasy aspects of this story make the world both familiar and yet not repetitive or boring. The story is fast paced but not rushed and is not overly convoluted. As a graduate student I would say that the story is suitable for all ages. The writers clearly did their research and put a lot of thought into the story and I look forward to being taken on another Voyage ;) into the unknown.

Great read for my 6 year old!

He says, "I thought it was a good book, I wanted to hold the sword!”