The Catholic Cartoon Collection: No. 1
The Catholic Cartoon Collection: No. 1
The Catholic Cartoon Collection: No. 1
The Catholic Cartoon Collection: No. 1
The Catholic Cartoon Collection: No. 1
The Catholic Cartoon Collection: No. 1
The Catholic Cartoon Collection: No. 1
The Catholic Cartoon Collection: No. 1

The Catholic Cartoon Collection: No. 1

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Enjoy the fun, hectic, and holy moments of the everyday life of Fr. Otto and his parish in this very first Catholic Cartoon collection!

Artwork by Joshua Masterson (@the_catholic_cartoonist)

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Customer Reviews

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Bryan Groves

I enjoyed the cartoons. However, I am not sure the grandchildren I bought them for would appreciate them as they have almost no contact with church other than occasionally watching mass on EWTN.

Verena Tautkus
Extremely relevant, if you know where to look

I am a Catholic cartoonist. I read as many Catholic comics as I can. I love the fact that they exist, but they usually sort out into a few camps: 1. The ones that work well as serious comics, 2. The ones that read like textbooks, 3. The ones that push humor so hard that they're borderline blasphemy.

The Catholic Cartoon is different from all of these.

The Catholic Cartoon is about a priest name Fr. Otto and his parish. Though made in the present day, the comic appears to sire from the 1940s- 1960s. The comic gives one the sense that it is something that could have existed in America during that time period, had American culture not been so secular. The humor is reminiscent of Peanuts and Family Circus, mixed with a vision of children playing "ring around the rosey" at a church picnic.

The Catholic Cartoon is a document of the spirit of a world. A world that exists within a parish where the parishioners are trying their best to show Christ that they love him by keeping his commandments (John 14: 15-31). This is a world for which people would clamor, if they only knew how much happiness it provides.

The Catholic Cartoon is not the Catholic comic I would make. It's the comic that everyone needed but no one knew it.

When prelates stamp their feet and call faithful Catholics "rigid, bitter neopelagians," Fr. Otto and his parishioners are the type people they're talking about. But, through this comic, the reader sees the truth. The truth that, if you actually knew faithful Catholics like Fr. Otto, et al., you'd see that they are not like this at all.

The Catholic Cartoon kills with kindness. It is the smile of the faithful before they are persecuted. It is their continued joy under persecution. It is their joy when, despite persecution, they can, finally, be around other faithful Catholics. It is the representation of the Catholic world that used to exist, and still exists in small pockets.

Joshua Masterson has captured this world for us. And, for that, we owe him a hats off.

-George Tautkus


The characters are relatable on so many levels to so many different ages and stages of life! Very well done!

Helen Syski
Not very funny

Some strips are sweet, most just propagate stereotypes of a 1940's parish. Irrelevant to today's Catholic. Illustrations are great.

Amazing Book!

Totally worth purchasing, the book is super funny and it helps bring the faith to your family the book is also completely kid friendly and the comics are very detailed make jokes and still teaches us some lessons for the Catholic faith

Thank you Joshua Masterson for brining the faith to my family

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