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"As a home schooling mom, I am always looking for ways bring history alive and present. I also seek out resources that are genuinely interesting, accurate, and express positive values. FINNIAN AND THE SEVEN MOUNTAINS not only hits the mark on all of the above – but it is something that my husband and I truly enjoyed ourselves!"

Aimee O’Connell

"Two issues into Finnian and the Seven Mountains, I'm hooked! Congratulations to the talented team at Voyage Comics for creating a compelling new series that's filled with adventure, virtue, and intrigue. I can't wait to follow this story!" 

Lisa M. Hendey, author of I Am God's Storyteller

“Let Kosloski and Lavoy take you back to the real history of the island of Irish monks we saw in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and then watch them layer an epic yarn on top of it.”

Matt Forbeck, author of The Marvel Encyclopedia, New York Times-bestselling author

Finnian and the Seven Mountains

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