Servant of the Suffering: Rose Hawthorne
Servant of the Suffering: Rose Hawthorne
Servant of the Suffering: Rose Hawthorne
Servant of the Suffering: Rose Hawthorne

Servant of the Suffering: Rose Hawthorne

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Rose Hawthorne dreamed of following in her father’s literary footsteps. Nathaniel Hawthorne was becoming one of America's most well-known authors with the publication of The Scarlet Letter, and his success allowed the Hawthorne family to travel across Europe. Rose was eager to take-up the pen and show the world what she had to offer.

However, God had other plans for Rose. Through a series of remarkable events, Rose converted to Catholicism and gave-up her quest for literary fame. Instead, she was led to put her talents at the service of God and serve those suffering from incurable cancer. She even founded a religious order and became known as Mother Mary Alphonsa. Her inspiring life story is now made accessible in an engaging comic book format. 

32 pages

Publisher: Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne - Voyage Comics


Release date:

Physical: Printed in a saddle-stitch paperback comic book.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nice work

A great little story on this increasingly well-known 19th century convert. Well done!

Erin Zelubowski
Great comic

I love the way this story of a servant of God was portrayed. Excellent storytelling and I really live the added bonus of the stages to sainthood / beautification in the back cover.

Esteban Mora

Great Content for All Ages!

Stephanie Greco
A STUDENT review is more important!

It doesn’t really matter what I think of this comic book. I have JUST cataloged all the Voyage comic books that I donated to St. JPII School library and shelved them. They haven’t even been checked out yet. I’ll let you know as soon as I get some kind of feedback from students. Stephanie Greco

Liam O' Connor
Nathaniel Hawthorne fan Catholic convert approved

I have been a fan of Nathaniel Hawthorne since I was pre teen.
I had no idea about his daughter it was truly amazing I was actually quite shocked I couldn't believe it as I'm well aware that Nathaniel Hawthorne from what I remember came from one of the Puritan families and understandably through persecution which also include the Roman Church had a very intolerant View so for me having to this new information about his family/his daughter's conversion was a personal an amazing grace momment for me as God was working through my heros to give me his eternal love and helped make me realize my sinfulness while reading this comic.

The comic was done in such a beautiful manner I loved how easy it was to read the panels weren't overwhelming text picture or squished and very colorfully yet mindful of the moods of the characters and time period.
My favorite part was how without a spoiler alert someone passed away and Walt Whitman and other famous literary characters were bearing the coffin it was so beautiful and was so amazing how the artist had them literally walking out of the panel so it looked like it was transitioning as far as life and death that is so cool

I would recommend this to anyone even a Nathaniel Hawthorne fan regardless of the religious use I think this is a beautiful story a faith perseverance in the face of tragedy I also do not think this comic book would be a problem in any age-appropriate general public school system for English class as the religious aspect is not preachy and it certainly isn't pushing one-sided if that makes sense.
if I was an English teacher I would give this to high school students along with Nathaniel Hawthorne biography.

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