Finnian and the Seven Mountains #1
Finnian and the Seven Mountains #1
Finnian and the Seven Mountains #1
Finnian and the Seven Mountains #1
Finnian and the Seven Mountains #1
Finnian and the Seven Mountains #1

Finnian and the Seven Mountains #1

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Seeking to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of Viking marauders, a young man named Finnian leaves his monastic school in Ireland to find a legendary sword rumored to have the extraordinary power to defeat evil. 

Join writer Philip Kosloski, and artists Michael LaVoy and Jim Fern (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN ANNUAL, and CROSSING MIDNIGHT) on an epic adventure that begins on the mysterious island of Skellig Michael, where the sword was last seen. 

Will Finnian find the mythical sword and lead the way to victory? Or will the Vikings continue to destroy innocent villagers? 

Find out what happens in this epic first chapter!


"Let Kosloski and Lavoy take you back to the real history of the island of Irish monks we saw in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and then watch them layer an epic yarn on top of it." -- Matt Forbeck, The Marvel EncyclopediaNew York Times-bestselling author

"FINNIAN AND THE SEVEN MOUNTAINS by Philip Kosloski and Michael Lavoy bring us a taste of Irish lore. And we want more." -- ComicsVerse

"Featuring mystery, high-stakes adventure, and breathtaking art, this first installment of Finnian and the Seven Mountains is sure to enchant readers, young and old alike. I can't wait to see where this saga takes us!" -- Brandon Hale,  bestselling author of Prince Martin Wins His Sword.

Rated - ALL AGES

24 pages


Physical: Printed in a saddle-stitch paperback comic book.

Digital: Delivered in a PDF file.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Mitchell Godfrey
My son loves this story

My son is turning 3 years old soon and has been asking to read Finnian over and over again. He is very excited for Finnian to find the sword! The premise of the story is a wonderful and faith-filled adventure great for young children and adults alike!

Lisa Hetrick
My first adult comic book read-pretty exciting!

After reading this I’d like to read more. I’m hooked!

Great Adventure

This comic book on Finnian makes you want to follow his story and his discernment and spiritual growth as he struggles with his faith, meeting wisdom figures along the way. It has the classic elements of the flawed hero epics.

Michael F
Great book and series!

I bought volumes 1-5 for my 8 and 10 year old daughters. The couldn't put the books down! The two of them made it through all 5 volumes and then re-read them! My older 11 and 13 year old daughters enjoyed the comics as well. We've pre-ordered vol 6.

We then bought the Joan of Arc comic and the girls tore through that as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Fills a void for kids reading and my girls really enjoyed it.

Nic A

My comments to the creators:
First off, I've read quite a few manga and comics, so I come at this with a tough eye. The artwork was good, relatively realistic for character design, which was nice. What most impressed me was that everything was colored (normal for American comics maybe but quite uncommon in the Asian industry where output demand is too high to permit time for coloring). Funny, there wasn't always consistency with where background people were standing from frame to frame. lol
The paneling was unexciting. Too many boxes. It's nicer when activity in panels overlaps at times and/or uses non-rectangles (like trapezoids) to appease the eyes, though admittedly it's not as convenient to color these. For example, you really missed out on making the tidal wave (that wrecked the boat) big and exciting; and that's all in the paneling.
The story felt a tad rushed, so the dialogue was speedy. Spoiler alert: The only deep character development we really got was to see Finnian was whiny, which doesn't make him a hero we want to follow.
I understand giving a background explanation in the introduction, but it would have been more intriguing to expose the details gradually through the story itself. Also, the topic of a fighting vikings might be more intriguing if you showed the actual evil doings of the vikings right off the bat so we have excitement and an enemy to hate, but that might be tough to swallow for a Catholic comic. Fighting can be dirty business though, and you picked the topic.
My advice is check out some popular Japanese manga since the Japanese are masters at it. There's a reason they're #1 in the world.
Overall all though, my applause for effort. Thanks for making wholesome comics for us believers.