The Phantom Phoenix #1
The Phantom Phoenix #1
The Phantom Phoenix #1
The Phantom Phoenix #1
The Phantom Phoenix #1
The Phantom Phoenix #1

The Phantom Phoenix #1

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Set in Chicago during the 1920s, Martin struggles to find his place in the world. He suffered a debilitating leg injury as a fighter pilot in World War I and is rejected by society. Without the support of family or the ability to work, Martin is a homeless veteran roaming the streets of Chicago, living off of scraps of food he finds.

That is, until he rises from the ashes.

Through a series of unlikely events, Martin discovers that his knowledge of the streets can actually help the country he fought to defend. Working in the shadows as if he was a “phantom,” he encounters criminals and crime scenes, giving the police the hints and clues they need to clean-up the streets of Chicago.

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Rated - Ages 10+ (contains some mild comic violence)

24 pages


Physical: Printed in a saddle-stitch paperback comic book.

Digital: Delivered in a PDF file.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Mitchell Godfrey
Awesome and faithful superhero!

The setting, the atmosphere, and the characters make for a very unique and exciting new superhero for my young son!

Nicholas Tamraz
Great book! Looking forward to more!

I’ve been a comic book reader all my life, reading anything from super hero comics to manga. The past few years I’ve been very disappointed and frustrated with mainstream American comics because of just plain bad storytelling and too much emphasis on political agendas. But then one day I discovered Voyage Comics, particularly Phantom Pheonix so I decided to give it a try. I ordered both issues as well as a number of other books including Finnian and the Seven Mountains. I greatly enjoyed all the books I bought, particularly Phantom Pheonix. These books just take me back to the days when comics were fun and a joy to read. I’m actually Eastern Orthodox, so I very much appreciated the books having Christian themes and values. Keep up the great work and I will definitely be buying more in the future. And I’m especially looking forward to to more Phantom Pheonix!

John Garrett
Wonderful Start, Looking Forward to More

I really enjoyed the first two issues of Phantom Phoenix. You need to be patient as the backstory of the hero is revealed. There is an element of Batman and Green Arrow in the story; a tragic life event, instead of bitterness or despair, leads to a commitment to pursue justice against forces of evil. The artwork is as good as any comic that I have followed (I followed Spider-Man for years, but then it started to get too politically correct), and of course there is a strong moral component to the character. I am really looking forward to the continuing story.

Julian Nazzal
The Phantom Phoenix

Absolutely incredible!

Mark Kedzie
Phantom Phoenix

I loved it. i am a huge superhero nerd and fan so i am always up for seeing more new heroes and this one wins me over for a couple reasons one hes simply a good and likable character secondly its always makes me to see a catholic superhero or a superhero with a catholic influence as catholic heroes like nightcrawler are some of my favorites and its also nice to see Chicago be the location of the comics which is one a nice change of pace of the constant new York which feels very cliché to use for superhero stories so its nice to see writers acknowledge other places exist but also for it to be specifically Chicago makes me happy being i have lived in Illinois my entire life its heartwarming to see my state get to some recognition and love. I can't wait to see what future installments will bring.