Finnian and the Seven Mountains
Finnian and the Seven Mountains
Finnian and the Seven Mountains
Finnian and the Seven Mountains
Finnian and the Seven Mountains

Finnian and the Seven Mountains #5

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After a victorious battle against a mysterious group of demonic creatures, Finnian and his crew reach the next stage of their journey at the legendary shrine of Monte Sant'Angelo on the Eastern coast of Italy.

Finnian continues to gather pieces of a legendary sword he hopes will turn the tide in the war against Ragnar, the malicious Viking king, but will Ragnar's newfound alliance with an evil Necromancer prove to be his undoing?

Past revelations are brought to light as Finnian races to keep the sword from falling into the wrong hands!

Find out what happens next in Issue #5!


Rated - Ages 10+ (contains some mild comic violence)

24 pages


Print: Printed in a saddle-stitch paperback comic book.

Digital: Delivered in a PDF file.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Walker
Excellent continuation of the story

Will be difficult to wait for the next episode. Also starting to feel that we will be coming to the end sooner than we would want. But there is always the Phoenix!

Jessica Marks
7yo loves these comics

My 7yo son was very excited to get the newest comic about Finnian, and read it as soon as it arrived!

Elizabeth Borhi
Finnian the ongoing adventure....

I think the story is exciting and the art work excellent. A very enjoyable read, especially with all the background information on the shrines.

Daniel Kochis
Finnian keeps getting better!

Issue #5 is the best yet! From cover to cover; the art & the story capture and inspire the imagine. I particularly enjoyed the juxtaposition of the good & evil character development. Excited to see the next...

Matthew Tucker
Finnian Really Finding It's Feet

As a fan of the Finnian series, I commend the creative team for creating the best entry to the series yet! Of all of the books in the series, this one has the tightest combination of writing, art and story, bringing our heroes' adventure to a whole new level. I am extremely eager to see how things go in Issue 6, and encourage anyone who has perhaps hesitated in starting the Finnian series to dive right in - the waters of adventure are perfect!