The Phantom Phoenix
The Phantom Phoenix
The Phantom Phoenix

The Phantom Phoenix #2

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After a narrow escape, Martin Claver is now in the crosshairs of crooked cops and nefarious Flambeau, both searching for a way to put an end to the Phantom Phoenix.

A jewelry store explosion is conveniently pinned on the Phoenix, and the entire city begins to doubt the intentions of the virtuous vigilante. Even Martin questions his own tactics, wondering if Chicago will ever welcome his crime-fighting capers.

Can Martin clear his name? Or will the fire of the Phoenix be snuffed out forever?

Find out what happens next in Issue #2 - The Phantom Frame-Up!


Rated - Ages 10+ (contains some mild comic violence)

24 pages


Print: Printed in a saddle-stitch paperback comic book.

Digital: Delivered in a PDF file.

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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Eberhart

My boys loved this


The Phantom Phoenix #2

A sacramental story grounded in reality

Though the fantasy and sci fi genres lend themselves readily to the symbolic world in which Christianity operates, there is a unique skill that can make apparent the thin veil between the “real world” and the “realer world.” The character of the Phantom Phoenix does this well and this second installment is a solid continuation of this goal. The art of the noir detective story is the subtle character development not only of the main character/s, but the secondary ones that makes the reader feel present to the story. Looking forward to the next installment.

James Putka
phantom phoenix 2


Davyd Titze
Another stellar issue of the Phantom Phoenix !!!

I am really enjoying this comic book. Great artwork, intriguing plot & interesting characters. I look forward to the next issue!