Life Choices: The Gift
Life Choices: The Gift
Life Choices: The Gift
Life Choices: The Gift
Life Choices: The Gift
Life Choices: The Gift

Life Choices: The Gift

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Rated: 16+

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Josh, star basketball player at a small-town high school, has it all--looks, brains and talent. Today is his sixteenth birthday. His sweetheart, Casey, wants to give him a present he'll never forget.

However, Casey's gift will change their lives forever, forcing them on a path between three possible futures.

What will they choose?

What would you choose?

Decide today. Read the life-altering first issue!

About the Comic

13,000 infants are born to teen parents each year in Canada, and 700,000 in the United States.

Research shows that these parents are vulnerable to abortion because the challenges of adolescent pregnancy and parenting are often deployed by abortionists to push teens towards abortion.

LifeCanada and Voyage Comics have developed a high-quality 40-page comic book that addresses the consequences of teen pregnancy from the perspective of two regular teens who date in high school and become pregnant. Each chapter focuses on a different choice and how it impacts their lives and the life of the unborn child.

40 pages


Release date:

Physical: Printed in a saddle-stitch paperback comic book.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Allanna Donnelly
Not the pinncle of literary perfection, but still tells a good and needed story

What I really like about The Gift is that you are able to concentrate on the issue of the baby's life since all the other characters are good. The boy and girl (Josh and Casey) are both good people who want the best for each other, and their parents are good people. You are able to see that even when everyone has good intentions, abortion is never the answer.
It definitely feels on the nose and like it's giving information, but how else are you going to give information? It's still all part of the story, which is presented in a beautiful format. It at least gets subject of teen pregnancy and babies' lives out there into exposure. It probably wouldn't do the whole job on its own, but accompanied by trusted, charitable guidance, I bet this book could get a lot of teens thinking more deeply about their choices. It's great to at least get the subject out of the shadows. Definitely read it for yourself and see what you think!

Liam O' Connor
E for effort

As a fomer DCF CPS teenager myself I picked up this comic book hoping it would be a good tool to help with current generation of DFC CPS teens with there self esteem thus making better lifee choices.

The pros for this comic book was how It was laid out very simple I also liked how they were realistic as far as high school interaction between different races clicks and so on very realistic and true to real life along with peer pressure I also like how similar to the book series you choose your history you and get to choose three different routes to see the consequences of each action.

That being said I do think it fell flat and came off rather preachy which would really be a turn off to teens who are already impressionable even in a stable home environment

I also felt certain scenes were not realistic for example when they talk about birth control failing I applaud the fact that they are actually taking a fair balance approach as far it takes two to tango and it's not just the girls fault however speaking realistically from real life experience high schools don't offer health education and when they do they very rarely talk about birth control and how and why it fails in detail I also felt like the main character blaming their high school health educator for not truthfully telling them about using birth control and it's failure consequences could be misunderstood by real life teens to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and thus blaming the issue on someone else.

Also in one scene which dealt with the consequences of abortions there was interchanging terminology using the teen Biology book would rather graphically shows a developing embryo and not clarifying as far as what a full-term baby and an embryo is and the stages of development again realistically that could psychologically cause more pain teens need to respect and understand the life growing inside of them but it needs to be done in an empathetic manner while giving them a balanced approach between faith if applicable to their situation and medical science I think a more appropriate response would have been the girl crying and showing her boyfriend the developing embryo and her Biology book and saying we gave life and we took it I wish we asked for help before we even consented to this abortion we did a very stupid thing together with both of our life choices.

Finally in the back which has a different discussion answers I did not agree with the treatment of not only avoiding the actual word rape which is a very important topic that every parent should have with their teenagers but how it was lumped together with other pregnancy choices a child conceived in rape is a very psychological and physically delicate Manner and should have been treated separately versus lumped in with other unplanned pregnancies

Overall this is a great start but I would not feel comfortable using this with my teens both inside and outside of church groups because I'm concerned if I'm not there to educate them they might misunderstand the message in this comic book especially some of the teens that have been through sexual trauma and are currently pregnant in my group and are in a very traumatic life choice situation if the comic book updated these issues and address these I'll gladly rebuy this but for now I'm sticking with one comic book to use with my teen church group with other more suitable age appropriate Church material dealing with abortion

Jeremiah Hewlett

Coming from a teen's perspective I thought it was well portrayed and liked how the book made you sort of make the decisions. After reading through it all it made me thonk more about the consequences of my actions more. Well done Voyage Comics!

K. N.
Graphic Comic style of "Life Choices: The Gift"

The graphic comic style is appealing to teens!
I loved the message. Well written with all included options. It was GREAT!

Cajun Grandmother of Many
Wonderful Pro-Choice Book

Such a loving look at choices for those in an unplanned pregnancy. My teenage granddaughter was a bit shocked after reading a couple pages and came to ask me if I was sure I had read the book through and if it was ok for her to continue. When I told her yes to both she finished the book and said she really liked the book but was a bit concerned at the beginning. Great book that holds a teenagers attention!!

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