Brave Water
Brave Water
Brave Water
Brave Water
Brave Water

Brave Water

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Introducing our first Young Adult novel!

Girls are disappearing on their way to the spring...

Will fear stop Talitha, the sole water gatherer for her hut, from searching for her friend—even if it means scaling the walls of the mine owners' compound, where locals are shot on sight?

And will terror block Moses path—or can this teenage hunter battle an underground human trafficking ring with ties to the cities on the other side of Great Mountain?

Join Talitha and Moses on their journey, one marked with violent drug lords, crippling jealousy, blinding anger, but also…tremendous beauty. And, the flutters of first love.

Meet other villagers and colorful characters along the way, all of whom are grappling with dire loss after a recent mine explosion. Become acquainted with multiple generations of a missionary family who sacrificed all, moving out to the African bush to fulfill a driving passion—one that most would call a crazy dream. Listen, as ageless questions are carried in on the hot winds of the Great Red Valley: Do you know what it means to truly be brave? And, what if you had to risk your life for a simple cup of water?

Dive into Brave Water and decide!

Suitable for ages: 13 - Adult

Formats: Print & Digital (PDF)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Complex Themes Deftly Handled

As a mama to a newborn daughter, I found this an especially compelling read.

Robsdottir handles heavy subject matter with finesse and cultural sensitivity, approaching the hard reality of human trafficking without being too heavy-handed or didactic. She places her characters in nuanced, layered situations that reveal how things aren't always what they seem: motives aren't black and white, villains aren't always pure villainy, and heroes have Achilles heels. The plot becomes increasingly gripping as the story progresses.

The themes of the novel are worth your attention and the plot will make this a quick read.

A beautifully written debut novel!

Nancy Johnson
Good job, Sarah!

Very moving story, highlighting the struggles of those in Africa who suffer so dramatically from lack of accessible good drinking water - something we in the West take so much for granted. Also, the issue of human trafficking, so prevalent in our day, certainly needs to be addressed. May God have mercy. Thank you Sarah for writing this book

Debby Thompson
Brave Water

I'm enjoying reading the book. It's hard to put down. It makes you feel you're right there with the characters. I intend to pass it along to my sisters. It's really good!

Jennifer Dages
Definitely a page turner

This book quickly caught me up in a very exciting plot. The author researched this culture and story very carefully, as evidenced by a number of details which consistely were woven together to bring the story to life. She deals with some very hard things, including sex trafficking and intense poverty, so it can be hard to read as well. Although this is listed as a YA book, I would say it is really appropriate for adults for sure. Highly recommended.

Incredible debut novel!

I think I finished this book in under 48 hrs. The pace was perfect! While the topic at first glance seems a bit heavy in nature, it has an adventurous lightheartedness and hopefulness throughout. I am especially delighted to be able to share it with my teen girls, 13 & 15. Eagerly awaiting Robsdottir’s future works! For reference, I read widely within the historical fiction genre and this has a similar feel..transporting the reader into a new world alongside the characters.